Relaxer Process Before and After

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The chemicals in relaxers are strong and potent enough to literally transform the original structure of the hair shaft. The chemical accomplishes this by penetrating the cortex layer. The original curl pattern is then loosened or relaxed. The central layer of the hair shaft provides the hair with its shape, elasticity and strength. Therefore, after [...]

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No-Lye Relaxers

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The chemical used in No-Lye Relaxers is guanidine hydroxide. “No-lye” does not mean that there are no strong chemicals in the relaxer; it implies that the chemical is less threatening or less damaging to the hair. Even so, it is still very important to ensure that the hair is in good condition before a relaxer [...]

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Lye Relaxers

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Sodium hydroxide is the chemical used in lye relaxers. The chemical is so strong that it can also be found in drain cleaners. The strength of sodium hydroxide varies from a pH factor of 10 to 14. The higher the pH, the straighter the hair will get. However, a greater value can also result in [...]

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