Wave Nouveau Coiffure

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Quenches dry, thirsty hair, provides long lasting softness, and shine. Excellent for permanent wave and natural hair. This rich lotion contains a blend of silicone and humectants to provide shine, softening, and moisture to natural and permanently waved hair. Call me at 281-891-3491 for an appointment. Mention my website and receive $10 OFF,  on your [...]

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Care Free Curl

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Exclusively formulated for today’s “Dry Curl” style to help prevent hair breakage while providing “round the clock” moisture control without excess wetness. Excellent for body waves and natural styles. Call at 281-891-3491  for an appointment today. Mention my website and receive $10 OFF on your first visit.

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Affirm Hair Relaxer

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Hair relaxing is a popular method of straightening curly, wavy or kinky hair temporarily or permanently. There are a variety of ways to accomplish this, and some can be extremely hard on your hair and on your scalp. Affirm hair relaxers and scalp relaxers are known for their conditioning action and their success when used [...]

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  Sew in hair weaves has been around for a long time. It enables women a way to change their look very easy. A lot of people sew in hair weaves differently. I know various ways to sew in hair weaves. Call for an appointment today at 281-891-3491. Mention my website and receive $10 OFF [...]

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Temporary Hair Extensions

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Temporary, glue-in hair extensions are a relatively easy way to experience longer, thicker hair. They will last up to six weeks with proper care and maintenance and can be replaced easily. Change your look as often as you like with hair extensions that can be applied with bonding glue. Call me at 281-891-3491 for an [...]

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Relaxer Process Before and After

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The chemicals in relaxers are strong and potent enough to literally transform the original structure of the hair shaft. The chemical accomplishes this by penetrating the cortex layer. The original curl pattern is then loosened or relaxed. The central layer of the hair shaft provides the hair with its shape, elasticity and strength. Therefore, after [...]

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No-Lye Relaxers

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The chemical used in No-Lye Relaxers is guanidine hydroxide. “No-lye” does not mean that there are no strong chemicals in the relaxer; it implies that the chemical is less threatening or less damaging to the hair. Even so, it is still very important to ensure that the hair is in good condition before a relaxer [...]

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Lye Relaxers

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Sodium hydroxide is the chemical used in lye relaxers. The chemical is so strong that it can also be found in drain cleaners. The strength of sodium hydroxide varies from a pH factor of 10 to 14. The higher the pH, the straighter the hair will get. However, a greater value can also result in [...]

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Press and Curl

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Anyone involved in black hair care knows that relaxers are common. Yet, many people want to avoid the chemical treatment every six weeks. People are seeing the press and curl hair service as an increasingly more viable hairstyle option. Pressing and curling is a natural way to straighten overly curly hair for clients who want [...]

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Locks With Hair Extensions

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Locks, and Dreadlocks, can be started in a many ways. Using extensions to start locks is a low-maintenance method meant to reduce the likelihood of unraveling locks. Without extensions it may take several months for locks to form and mature. Extensions work well for people with wavy or curly hair, whose finer texture may not lock [...]

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